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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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5:00. thank you very much. a construction site accident in san francisco. one worker is dead. >> what we're learning about that victim. what he was doing and the company he works for. a man was crutched to death witnesses say he became pinned between a cherry picker and a concrete structure. >> we're still gathering forensic evidence and witness statements. we're still looking at the aupts
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to see what was sustained. the victim was in his 40s or 50s. around 7:15 this morning he came to load the boom. he was inside the bucket when the accident happened. >> our sympathy goes out to the man's family and his colleagues and everybody that's part of this team. >> we reached out to the rental company but they declined to comment. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. the collision team and cal osha are investigating. tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. the man accused of killing two people was in court this afternoon. andre redmond faces two counts of murder one with a special circumstance tans. sheriff's investigators say the 33-year-old killed bob hardin in his home then led authorities on
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a high speed case. an unidentified passenger in his car also died. >> there are a lot of details that are still being learned as this continues. because of that i don't want to go into the facts and details because i don't want to speculate. >> redmond did not enter a plea today and remains in custody. hesz being held without bail and is due back in court on may 31st. >> another freeway shooting in hercules. a mother of four was shot and killed in pittsburg. last night another driver was shot and injured. in all there have been at least 20 similar shootings since november. this was overnight on i-80 in hercules. a 25-year-old man was driving east on 780 when someone in another car pulled up alongside him and opened fire.
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he crashed into a center divide and was treated and released from the hospital. no one else was hurt. it's unclear if this incident is related to other shootings along the corridor. today we spoke to the mayor of hercules. >> this is obviously an epidemic. our public is suffering due to this. i think this that the state should be working with cal trance to put cameras on the onramp. we know where the problems are coming from. >> the mayor says individual cities shouldn't have to pay for cameras. no matter who pays for them some people say it's a logical next step. >> at least you can find the identity of the car and you could possibly get a tag. it's scary. yeah i fear driving 80. but, you know, it's one of those things, you know, you have to do what you have to do.
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and unless it gets worse. i'm going to continue to drive 80. >> there have been two fatal shootings in pittsburg in the last couple weeks. they will ask on monday to put cameras on highway 4. >> now the capital where gary brown released his budget for this year and next. he says the years of surplus could be coming to an end. the new spending plan slightly scales back his budget from just over $170 billion to just over $169. this comes after a tks revenue -- tax revenue slow down. brown still plans to put $2 billion into the rainy day fund. >> when we start culting, they're all the -- cutting they're all the favorite
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programs you cut. what you don't spend today you're minimizing the pay later. i think it makes sense. >> he also proposed to redirect $2 billion for housing for the homeless and low income population. it would come from a millionaire's tax. he refused to endorse an initiative to put taxes o wealthy. he says it won't necessarily mean a windfall of cash. >> we have to come out with a sizable reserve. we can't have significant new spending. and we got to get ready for the downturn. >> the institution of the -- the constitution of the state of california. >> the fiscal year officially year begins on the first of july. the california legislature will be negotiating with the goal of coming to an agreement.
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lawmakers must pass the budget by june 15th. the same law which protects individuals from racial -- a letter went to school districts around the nation telling them to allow students to use bathrooms with their gender ide. >> the obama administration sending a letter to every public school letter in the country instructing them to let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity. >> what the frame work does provide is advice for how school administrators can protect the dignity and safety of every student under their charge. >> some parents in washington state are wondering why the administration is even getting involved. >> i feel that transgenders are going to use whatever bathroom
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they identify no matter what. i think publicizing it and talking about it is just -- i think it's silly. >> the tar heel state became can first in the nation to ban people from using public and school bathrooms which do not correspond with their birth gender. they are now being sued while north carolina is suing the department of justice. >> we believe a core rather than a federal agency should tell our state, our nation, and employers across the country what the law requires. >> this letter from the department of justice is not legally biebding but there's -- binding but there's certainly a threat that schools that don't comply could lose . >> today san francisco ed lee held a community meeting to discuss property crimes in the west portal neighborhood and while they were there our crew
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asked them about the recent cause for the chief to resign or be fired. protes or thes want him gone due to shootings. the mayor says he has no intention of firing the chief who is implementing reforms centered on use of force and de-escalation tactics. >> i asked people to say look we got to have updated police practices. where do those ideas come from? they come from president obama, all the cities across the country where they've had issues of officer involved shootings. >> a pam put together found that the police department lacks transparency and is biassed when it comes to policing minority communities. and now four super visors are calling on the chief to be replaced but he has no plans on
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it. >> how safe do you feel your job is? >> as long as i'm chief of police i have a lot of do and i'm going to be about doing it. i don't have any intention to step down. i have a lot of work before me, supporting the officers and doing the hard tasks nationally. we're hoping to get p body cameras by year's end so there's a lot of technology. a lot of asks we want the authors to rethink things. >> under san francisco city rules only the mayor and the police commission can fire a chief. a judge is expected to rule within the next ten dayswet a -- weather a south bay man accused of murder can fire his attorneys. he's accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old goal. he's seen here on the left. he asked the judge for new attorneys so his capital murder trial can start by june 2 #1s.
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both defense lawyers say they're busy and won't be ready for four months. garcia -- torrez has said he's innocent. what the vandals did to this cross. trips to the playground canceled and lunch being eaten in classrooms all because of a stomach bug. the steps being taken this weekend in an effort to stop it from spreading. i'm meteorologist mark live. it's been very active over the past 15-20 minutes. a tour group out here is excited. we'll show you what we've been watching and why the hump back whales are moving into the bay. and we're tracking your temperatures on the mild side. i'll let you know what you can expect for your barbecue. >>
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pretend they were the mvp today. steph curry's trophies were on display. he is the first you nam mouse winner of the award. for a third straight year curry jerseys are the most popular. they also lead in merchandise sales. this will be on display until 9:00 tonight. right now remember these pictures from yesterday? these were two humpback whales that were inside the bay yesterday. they were spotted at one point a
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wind surfer went right by them. a guy went right next to the two whales. we're starting to see this more and more. and some experts think it's because the whales are looking for shallower water. whatever the case the sightings have been great. >> and we wanted to see for ourself and so we sent mark out. >> awesome view. especially over the past 15-20 minutes. i am on a boat operated by san francisco whale tours we've been out here since about 3:30. the whales have been putting on quite a show. they've popped up in dramatic scenes. we can roll the video, we've been recording for the past hour or so. and just amazing. it's fairly quiet and then water, a pair to pop up.
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they are starting off in the waters closer to hawaii and mexico. they are looking for food and they have found it in san francisco bay because more bay fish, more an cho vees that's what they're feeding on right now. the chopper video showing people too close, we are remaining a very safe distance and the captain of the boat has been doing just that. i'm going to bring in, you can't see, one of the naturalists on this boat. you've been in san francisco, you started about two weeks ago and the whales are putting on quite a show for you. >> i've been very lucky. >> how many whales have we seen today. >> just now about three pairs and then three individuals so in this area alone about eight. >> and that's on this one trip you were out earlier this morning and there was an active session as well? >> we had nine and two grays, a
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mom and a baby together. >> the sites are amazing -- sights are amazing. to be honest i was a little nervous we wouldn't see a whale but it's been amazing. you want to be extra kwarful and remain a -- careful and remain a safe distance away from these amazing creatures in the bay and the ocean. >> mark how big are they? can you tell? >> jacky, how big are these whales? >> they could be about average 45 feet. sometimes as large as 55 which is the size of this boat. >> you say they're going down, sometimes for several minutes. >> they do. they'll pop up and breathe about three to four times and then a deep dive from seven to ten minutes. >> from what i've heard these whales can consume up to a ton of food in a day. so that's what they're doing
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right now. they're looking for fish. the captain of this boat sees it on his sensor. widespread fish in the bay. >> these are humpback whales today. usually we see more gray whales. what is she saying about the occurrence of more humpbacks coming through? skwl that has been the big story. typically the humpbacks do come close to us later in the fall maybe september and october so this is a bit unusual. there's no a hard and fast answer i've talked to to a few experts. the biggest consensus is they're looking for food and finding a lot of it in san francisco bay right now. they actually, they're born in deep, open ocean water. so when they come here. from what i understand, it's a little bit -- it's obviously shallower for them. so they might not be used to the
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surroundings. and then you add the boat traffic that creates a dangerous situation. it's amazing to be out here but you've got to be extra careful. >> it's mar here. i want you to be honest. your cig mall is breaking signal is breaking up a little bit. how do folks on the boat do? did anybody get a little sick? >> no. everyone is actually doing okay. we went out, i don't know, maybe to point venita. i did take the seasick pills before. i'm actually doing okay so far. >> see you back in a little bit. >> okay. >> really amazing. >> isn't? >> it gets me how they're so huge but graceful. >> what i love. i love that in 2016 we're seeing whales. whales in the bay. these are whales that are
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endangered species. you never see them in the 60s but now this proliferation of wildlife which speaks to how clean the bay is becoming. >> because we're seeing them alive. not having them washing up. and they're going up? migrating to alaska. >> the grays like to go that way, the humpbacks like to go that way. to see the bay so alive and to see that -- it means it's healthy. pollution less now in san francisco bay than it was in 1849 during the gold rush. because there were so much sediments. the bay was filthy. >> that might be mar ki's boat. >> i didn't realize there were so many people on board. >> look at that. >> a lot of people out there. >> that's a minisubmarine. >> what a perfect day. >> it's a great day to go whale watching in san francisco bay.
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how cool is that? >> a good day for it. >> an outstanding day and the weekend is going to be nice too. not as warm as a couple days ago but in the mid-70s. such a beautiful day. more whales, huh? look at that. see right there. the neat thing, the gray whales these are humpbacks but the grays will get in the shallows so you'll see them. there's a whale right there. mark was saying 45 humpback whales. just lost the signal. mark and i had to fight over that. he said -- they had to send somebody out and i said i want to go but it was kind of his turn. we'll talk about your weather now which includes a little bit o more of this foggy in in morning typical summer weather but without the summer heat. fairfield 69 right now i'd
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expect 79. ten degrees cooler in fairfield and livermor. the distance is not much. like last night lots of fog and low clouds. as the high pressure center weak bs -- weakens temperatures continue to fall. out towards la fayette mid low 70s and livermor valley tout -- out towards morgan hill you're going to see mid-70s. so the forecast. the 5-day forecast then. few clouds in here kind of mild. warms up on monday and tuesday. i hope you have a great weekend planned. it is fun to see the whales. maybe i'll go down there and get on a boat and watch them. they have a lot in san francisco. you can get a ticket tomorrow. >> usually you have to go down
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to monterey bay. >> they're right here. bill thank you. a vicious stomach bug has kept 100 students home from class at a school in the south bay. the school implemented several things to get the school clean. and a man riding in a bike lane is hit by a patrol car, what we're learning. the person was biking just like he was educated to bike.
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more than 100 kids have been sickened after a stomach virus spread through their score. ann rubin is live at the school where the district is taking drastic steps this weekend to try to get this under control, anne? >> they've got extra crews here cleaning and disinfecting and their telling parents if your kid seems sick keep them home. at this school in san jose nurses went classroom to classroom giving a lesson in hand washing necessary they say given what they've bfrn dealing with. we've had them come down with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. over the last two weeks 100 kids have gotten sick and six teachers too. parents have been asked to keep their kids home for 48 hours if
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they're symptom attic. >> i got a notice when my son was exposed. >> averaging 6-8 new cases a day so they advised us to clean the campus. >> they cleaned every single room, they cleaned the pillars, the playground. they're going top to bottom. >> they'd also like to limit contact between students. >> we have gone from cleaning to social isolation. >> that also meant putting off the school's mise cal which had been scheduled for this week. it was a big disappointment but also a big risk. >> it has to be postponed until we have zero new cases. >> second grader oh when lewis says he's being extra careful. >> she told us about wheres is could be.
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>> where can they be? >> any where. >> the cool will be thoroughly cleaned tonight and locked down all weekend. the hope is come monday the worst will have passed. live in san jose ann rubin. >> tigers routinely vandalized buildings but today they hit a cross in the south bay. coming up next, the act of vandalism that may have had a bigger meaning. also 20% of people using the carpool lane only have one person in the car. violators know there's little chance of getting caught. how that may change. this woman almost went deaf years ago but she'll now be able to hear her young grandkids.
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graffiti on guildings and public spaces is nothing new but the site this time is new. jessie is there tonight. you're standing there at the site that's a focal point of a lawsuit. >> this is memorial cross park and there is a lawsuit working its way through the legal system for the fact that there's a crucifix behind me on public land. officials don't know if there's a connection but earlier this afternoon someone defaced the
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carvings at the bottom o mon youment. >> it doesn't happen often but we have issues here and there but this type i'm not aware of this. >> city officials acted quickly. we found kyle billingsly cleaner and brush in hand about an hour after the city found out about the crime. he used a chemical graffiti remover. the unwanted mark finally came off. the white mark had made an and saying the cross was donated by the lion's club in the 50s. city officials say while they can't prevent people from acting in ugly ways they can deter these types of crimes. >> we don't want our property vandalized like this so that's why, you know, staff was prompt to clean it up right away.
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that's what we do on gra fee too -- graffiti on buildings whether it's our responsibility or not we clean it up. >> the idea taggers will get tired of the work getting wiped away they will give up. they had to bring in extra security to make sure nobody continued to tag the building. if you have any idea who defaced this crucifix you're urged to call the p. >> all right thank you. a domestic dispute led to a police standoff in san francisco. police tell us a man violated a restraining order and barricaded himself in a home near folsom and 14th. officers surrounded the property for six hours while knee negotiators tried to get him to come out. neighbors tell us police were also at the home last night. no court date has been set
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yet for the two sheriff deputies charged in the beating of a suspect. lewis santa maria and his partner turned themselves in on tuesday. they are faces charges. deputies said he was driving a stolen car when he tried to get away. it led to a confrontation captured on surveillance video last november. >> when you look at video evidence, and hear audio evidence of a police use of force it is graphic and ugly. there is nothing good about video evidence of police use of force. but you have to understand that this can be a completely use of force. >> the video shows that the deputies hit him with their batons at least 30 times in 40 seconds. he ended up suffering a concussion broken bone, and cuts. now to the south bay where a deadly stabbing occurred outside
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a restaurant on story road near king road in east san jose last night. the attacker stabbed in victim in the neck. the victim walked into the restaurant where he collapsed and died. police have not released a description of the suspect and no arrests have been made. it's probably something you have noticed. people driving by themselves in a carpool lane. there are now though some new ideas to try to crack down on those people. tom is in berkeley tonight with how authorities plan to do that. >> i want to tell you i've been standing up here looking at the cars. it's amazing the number of people who are cheating. and that is why transportation officials say they want to level the playing field for all commuters meaning some folks will be unhappy. the bay area's powerful -- they
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making these lanes less and less effective. but this time, mtc commissioners received a scientifically valid study. things may be changing. >> the public has always stated that there is a problem out there. this confirms it for the first time. the level of work and the detail is unprecedented. >> the study shows that one in four cars in the hov lanes cheat. during morning combhut one in five. during evening commute drivers now it's easy to cheat. they must often pay people time and a half to concentrate on catching these people. >> if chp can't do them i think the authority should look at having a mechanism where they can have enforcement.
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>> that's right. a toll enforcement police force. the study also shows that allowing electric and other al tern vehicles to use the lanes now overwhelms the lanes raising the possibility of eliminating them in the future. >> it is a nice thing incentivize people to buy these vehicles but tesla has a huge waiting list now and it seems completely unnecessary. >> one driver says hov lanes are out of control. >> it would offend me, yes if they're zooming by and i'm trying to get somewhere. >> time to change that? >> time to change it. >> and so hov cheaters beware you have the commission's attention with the promise of soon to be very stepped up enforgsment. reporting. >> so tom i want to clarify the
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toll authority would essentially create almost their own police force to go out on to the roads looking for the cheaters? >> that is one idea they're taking a look at. it's been suggested many times but this is the first time the study really shows how seriously defective the system is right now. the chp cannot handle and it and you really want them doing more serious work. so it is possible. it's not unprecedented in the country and it might work here. >> we know how slow bur rocksy can be though, tom. if they do approve this idea how long would it be before we see them out there enforcing the rules? >> it would take quite a bit of time because you have to set up the organization and they have to have the proper training and equipment. not something that's going to happen overnight. but the idea of putting forth
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more money to get people doing this might actually work and be effective. >> if one out of four drivers in the morning is cheating and one out of five in the evening it's a good idea. last night the traffic everywhere in the bay area is getting worse and the metropolitan transportation commission doesn't see it improving. both the morning and evening commutes are starting earlier and ending later and all of the bay area's bridges have seen a significant jump in traffic this year. >> it's jobs. it's the economy. and that's why look at 2010 as the bottom of the recession going through the subsequent years we've just got more people on the roads shths more people working. >> as sal pointed out last night a window exists after the morning commute and after the evening commute where you can get in and out without much of a
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problem but what sal tells us now is that window is starting to close. a $4 purchase turned into nearly $300 million one family comes forward to claim their large powerball prize. plus for this woman her world is about to sound completely different. the state of the art hearing aid allowing her to hear her grand kid for the first. the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. >>
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facebook coe mark zucerberg is facing a meeting. he says the company is taking the matter seriously and is conducting a full investigation. in the coming weeks he also plans to meet with conservative lawmakers to discuss the matter. high ranking republicans continue to meet with donald trump campaign staff today. they are trying to find common ground. donald trump spent part of his day on the talk show circuit and appeared a bit agitated. >> it's known of your business but i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. meantime bernie sanders is
5:43 pm
points to -- pointing to recent wins while facing hillary clinton in kentucky and oregon on wednesday where he is favored. also california secretary of state says more than 17 million californians are registered to vote that's about 70% of those eligible. more democrats than republicans almost 44 pr of california voters were democrats 28% were republican and the rest said no party preference. the next report is due may 23rd and if you want to vote in that the deadline to register is may 23rd. subaru is recalling many vehicles for a problem that could be disastrous. its legacy sedan and outback
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models may have steering columns that can malfunction making the cars impossible to steer. in documents filed with the transportation association no reports of injuries but owners are advised to stop driving their cars until that problem can be fixed. the family that won that big, really big powerball jackpot has come forward. the smith family, a mother and seven children bought the sole ticket. the family opted for the lump sum payment of $284 million. the smiths say they received divine intervention on those winning numbers. >> it was a big shock when we first learned that we were powerball winners. it was a bigger shock when we learned we were the only ticketholder. and it was like -- it was like
5:45 pm
an a fir mags from god. >> they say they plan on giving 10% of their winnings to church and then going on a family trip. there are more than a dozen firefighters out in the waters off ocean beach. we'll tell you why coming up. and tracking that weekend forecast we're talking about some clouds and sun and maybe a little drizzle. put it all together for you.
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more than 1 houshgz people attended a public memorial in southern california today for a navy sale killed in iraq. charles keeting the fourth was killed in a gunfight with isis. he posthumously received a purple heart and an action ribbon for his bravery. there was a private service followed by a large public memorial. people lined the streets of coronado as the procession went by. back to our weather and the conditions out there. a beautiful day today. want to bring in our chief meteorologist. and i think we have the chopper out. >> what a day, right? >> it looking like a picture. >> it's beautiful. >> look at that shot. it never gets old. you grew up here i grew up here. it never gets old. >> it is calm. we haven't had rain in a little
5:49 pm
while so no runoff. usually the ocean looks a little. there we go. couple of whales. >> a lot of whales today. >> and i'm hearing down by kelly street they're seeing them. so if you want to go see whales tomorrow and i know many of you will possibly want to, you can do that. maybe go to kelly street or montera. you see these two live. >> are those humpbacks? >> yeah. >> i've asked you this before when you're surfing how close have they be to you? >> the grays come really close. the humpbacks are like 50 feet long. i've seen them about 100 yards outside me. aren't they beautiful? >> you're not allowed to get close. you're supposed to stay 100 yards away. >> supposed to. you're not allowed to get close.
5:50 pm
>> do we have to go to the forecast. >> it's going to be really nice out there as you look at these live shots of maybe a mom and a child humpback whale. temperatures tomorrow end upmostly where they were today. so tomorrow's a lot like today. and you know when we get to your saturday and sunday expect temperatures in the mid 70s. fog in the mornings and then a sunny afternoon. just stunning. make sure you're happy to mrif in a place like we live where you can see this. julia i know you're from seattle and tacoma you see or cas out there in the sound and we have such a beautiful ecosystem that we exist in. look at that. mark drew the long straw and got to go out today. if you are thinking about going to the coast the best place to
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see the whales probably maybe the golden gate bridge but half wind bay you'd be good as well. there's your 5-day forecast sorry not to give you your complete weather but you can't beat a shot like that. still to come here they're putting the scenarios to try to simulate someone drowning at ocean beach. >> i think part of this class is get us to respect that it can be very dangerous. >> coming up next the new class of graduates who dove into the water today. and in minutes new at 6:00 caught on camera a bicyclist hit by a patrol car in san francisco what we're learning about that inc. >> looks like he was biking just like he was biking just how we are taught to bike safely.
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it is already been a deadly year in the water off san francisco's ocean beach. two teenage boys drowned just last month. >> now there's a new clas of firefighters trained to rescue people. ktvu had cameras in the water as they went through the last step of their life saving training. >> over and over again this
5:55 pm
morning firefighters dove into the dangerous waters of ocean beach pulling out one person after another. >> all 16 of these quote victims are in fact firefighters completing their certification. >> let's go get them. >> the instructor says today's water rescue simulations were the culmination of weeks of training in the classroom. >> we start them off in the pool and graduate to ocean beach. >> we're going to go straight out here for victims. >> the goal? to get them familiar with the conditions that make this deadly. >> we put them in a rip where you walk off the sand bar and they slip into the water you can go from ankle high to above your head. >> it's been a deadly year at the ocean beach most recently two teens drowned here in april. firefighters undergoing this volunteer training say when they respond to an emergency at ocean beach they don't want to be left on the shore while others go in
5:56 pm
for the rescue. >> we respond to a lot of rescues so we're down here all the time. >> and it's important for you to get this training. >> yeah because otherwise i wouldn't be able to help. >> and after playing the roll of the -- role of the victim and rescuer over and over they have a renewed respect for the ocean and how treacherous conditions out here can be. >> yeah the ocean is pretty scary actually. and i think part of this class is to get us to respect that it can be very dangerous. >> despite all the training they emphasize that ocean beach is not a safe beach to swim at. there is no full-time life guard so if you want to swim they recommend you find some place . a woman from the east bay received a gift today in this case it's the gift of sound. she had lost almost all of her
5:57 pm
hearing years ago but she finally has it back. >> for rosemary abram the world is about to be different. >> her friend says it's been hard to carry on conversations with her. >> i have to pat her on the arm. didn't you hear me say that word? i asked you a question. she still. >> and it's especially hard for abram raising her grandchildren. >> they try to play with me on my hearing. you just condition hear me. they try to do that. >> i'm putting this in now you'll feel a little tick m. >> at the miracle ear center this doctor is fitting her with a donated hearing aid for those who can't afford them. within minutes they begun
5:58 pm
working and for the first time in 40 years there was change. >> i love it. >> okay good. >> just being able to hear out of this side is really weird. >> specialists say her problems were two fold she had nerve damage probably caused by a sudden loud noise and an ear infection. >> it's profound in both ears so there's a lot of hearing loss. >> but now it will be almost normal. >> it's like i got to get used to it because i'm not used to hearing sound from this ear like that. >> being able to hear more fully will help her in her work as case manager but her grand better ware. >> ktvu fox 2 at 6:
5:59 pm
now. caught on camera. dash cam video shows a bike rider in a bike lane being hit by a police car in san francisco. tonight that video is renewing concerns about the safety of riding a bicycle in the city. good evening i'm julie haener. >> that bike rider was following the rules of the road when he was hit by that patrol car. new at 6:00 run run is at 2nd and mission bike riders say this is a perfect example of the dangers they face. >> this video clearly exposes dangers on the road es pshlly here because it's extremely busy. this is the bike lane we're talking about. the bicycle coalition says it expresses the need for protected lanes. >> keep your eye on the cyclist it captures him traveling in a green bike lane when a san
6:00 pm
francisco police car darts sways and hits him. >> he was biking how we teach people to bike. >> the bicycle coalition says it was preventable. >> they're required by law not to smash into you. >> the crash happened thursday at 2nd and mission street recorded by an uber driver. the ceo of nexar says they want to alert drivers of danger in realtime. >> all of those are there to help each other protect everyone. >> the tell a vooef company lawned in january. >> we try to understand what's happening on the roads so we can warn you. >> san francisco police are aware of this video. they've launched an accident investigation and interl


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